Feature Documentary, Digital, 35mm, 16mm, Color, B&W, Stereo | 99' | 2023


Zakros is a documentary about an archeological excavation of a prehistorical site near a small village of east Crete; a documentary full of myths and even more people. It is a documentary of mixed genre, both observational and poetic, that was shot during a period of 35 years. The narration focuses on the archaeological excavation of the Minoan palace of Zakros and Nikolaos Platon, the great archaeologist who brought it to light; a public figure, scholar and researcher who had a great passion for music, philosophy and psychology. Through the antiquities we are going to follow the men and women of the Minoan age, whose works reached us as archaeological findings, as works of art, as traces of life, as gestures. The timeline uninterruptedly unfolds across the ensuing centuries, all the way to the modern residents of the region who quietly and modestly follow the same lifecycles and routes, while facing the same land, the same mountains and open sea, as Minoans did centuries ago. At Zakros one lies in wait of the events, in what seems to have no history – feelings, love, conscience, instinct. Here the events are not captured in order to retrace the trajectory of their evolution, but in order to discern the different stages of history on which the events performed their distinct roles.

Director / Script

Filippos Koutsaftis

Executive Producer

Konstantinos Moriatis


Alexis Tsoukalas


Filippos Koutsaftis


Hronis Theoharis


Konstantinos Bhta

Produced by

Pan Entertainment

Coproduced by

Greek Film Centre, ERT, Theissoa

With the Support of

EKOME, Raycap SA