The Year of Aquarius

In Development - Feature 2D Animation, Digital, Color, Stereo | 90' |


A young man, Vaios, has been guarding the Parthenon for about a month. On a night of a full moon, something quite unexpected occurs: Vaios gets abducted into AQUARIUS11111100100, a spaceship, ran by three alien creatures. The three aliens (HALGAR, his sister MIMOZA, and their servant TSUTSEKI), extracted a part of Vaios’s mRNA in order to take over the human race. Then, they discarded him back to Earth, and not only does he survive, but also remembers everything.

Afterwards, with the purpose to warn people that evil is approaching, Vaios decides to write a book about his personal experience with the alien creatures. But, the evil is already here: Halgar, under the name “Glarheus”, disguised as a human, runs for the election and becomes the country’s new prime minister. In short order, under the guise of a “virus” and a fictitious “pandemic”, Halgar, announces a new mandatory mRNA vaccination of all citizens. Vaios, goes live on TV to expose the whole truth about prime minister, the “pandemic”, and mRNA vaccines. So, Halgar sets everyone in motion to arrest Vaios and put him in jail.

In the meantime, MIMOZA is secretly in love with Vaios, and also gets very frustrated witnessing her brother’s cruel behavior. So, with the help of TSUTSEKI, she takes a human form as well and helps Vaios escape. On the first day of vaccination, together they fight against Halgar. After an epic battle in the sky, Mimosa tragically loses her life, but Vaios manages to kill Halgar. However, TSUTSEKI has been to AQUARIUS all this time. Being disappointed to see Mimoza dead, and Vaios being inconsiderate and blinded by the glory of victory, presses “the button”, that blows up the entire planet Earth, departs in its spaceship, bound for new galaxies...

Director /Script

Suyako (aka Vasilis Magouliotis)

Executive Producer

Konstantinos Moriatis


Alexis Tsoukalas

Sound Design

Mikes Glikas


Mikes Glikas, Laertis Malkotsis, Giannis Niaros

Lead Artist

George Kontos


Laertis Malkotsis, Ilias Moulas, Stratis Ntalagiorgos, Lena Mpozaki, Giorgos Julio Katsis

Produced by

Pan Entertainment