The Itinerary

Feature Documentary, Digital, Color, Stereo | 79’ | 2022


An almost empty bus carrying a few passengers appears at the edge of a European city. Several Greek people approach the bus, waiting for parcels from friends and relatives in Greece. Some contain personal affairs but most are filled with food supplies: olive oil, charcuterie and meat in camping coolers. During a time when financial hardship and political uncertainty drove many to leave the country, Mr. Pafis, the manager of this peculiar delivery service, crosses the entire European continent distributing parcels to Greeks living abroad. The only people who accompany him on these trips are other drivers and occasional small groups of passengers.

Director / Script

Orestis Athanasopoulos

Executive Producer

Konstantinos Moriatis


Orestis Athanasopoulos


Orestis Athanasopoulos, Costas Nielsen, Petros Ioannidis


Ioanna Spiliopoulou


Yannis Labelle

Produced by

Pan Entertainment


Thessaloniki Documentary IFF 2022 - Greek Film Centre Award