Feature Film, 35mm, Color, Stereo | 90’ | 2001


Kostas (Antonis Kafetzopoulos), 42 years old, a modest and retiring math teacher who is still waiting to be assigned to some school, inherits the traditional family fur business somewhere in Kastoria from his mother, along with her mansion provided that he looks after Petros (Spyros Kaloyirou), 70 and Pavlos (Dimitris Kallivokas), 72, who are living in an Athens retirement home. The will reveals that one of the two is his real father. But who? It’s something no one knows including his lively late mother… It is an anguish that both the old men share to an even greater degree since in addition to their long-standing mutual dislike for each other they now hate each other’s guts in their rivalry for the discovery of Costas’ paternity. Costas feels that this inheritance could change his life. Not because the money, the house or the estate is of some great value but more because they are the point of departure for a new beginning. And most of all because they are the means for seeking custody of his 14 year-old daughter Clairie (Daphne Koutsafti) something his wife from whom he is separated and who is now living in a Buddhist retreat is also claiming. So this odd assortment of characters will get themselves into all sorts of scrapes and hilarious incidents that will sidetrack them so that they almost end up by missing all the deadlines. But what they do win is the unity and love that unites – even such an odd – family!

Director / Script

Antonis Kafetzopoulos

Based on a story by

Antonis Kafetzopoulos & Rika Vayani


Kostas Varkados


Evyenios Dionyssopoulos


Yannis Tsitsopoulos


Lambrini Kardara


Eleni Patta


Antonis Economou, Kostas Varipobiotis



Make Up

Zoe Partheniou


Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Dimitris Kallivokas, Spyros Kaloyirou Daphne Koutsafti, Valerios Eleftheriadis, Maria Theodorova, Dimitris Starovas Guest Stars Cleon Grigoriadis, Yota Festa, Antonis Tembos, Antonis Kanakis, Sotiris Kalivatsis

Produced by

Bad Movies

Coproduced by

Mega Channel, Filmnet

With the Support of

Greek Film Centre, MAD TV

Theatrical Distribution

Spentzos Films (Greece), Diogenis Herodotou and Sons (Cyprus)

Internation Distribution

Peppermint (Germany)


Mega Channel (Greece), Filmnet (Greece)


Thessaloniki IFF 2001