One Step Ahead

Feature Documentary, Digital, Color, B&W, Stereo | 126’ | 2012


Thessaloniki-Greece, November 2010. Population: 1,100,000. A city with a rich cosmopolitan history of more than 2000 years, has managed to become completely unknown… The film takes place in this declining city, in a country on the verge of bankruptcy, at a time of mayoral elections. Yiannis Boutaris is 68 years old. He is an unconventional, hyperactive, successful winemaker, prominent member of the civil society and a recovered alcoholic. He is the Mayoral candidate who embodies the city’s hopes for change, against his much younger rival, the representative of a 25 years long administration. Boutaris, having fought and vanquished his own personal demons and fears, free of the pretensions of a career politician is now out to fight for and win Thessaloniki, which is drowning in a claustrophobic sea of conservatism and administrational maladies. The camera observes him intimately through the 10 weeks of a pre-election battle, and captures the unraveling of the tension, the joy, the moments of human weakness, the call for a change in stereotype perceptions regarding personal and social life, the political deliberations, the hope of victory. A stormy human journey, a critical political encounter, an inside view at the underlying patterns of the Greek politics and society, but also a film that tries to explore what love’s got to do with it.

Director / Script

Dimitris Athiridis

Executive Producer

Konstantinos Moriatis


Maria Drandaki, Dimitris Athiridis


Dimitris Athiridis


Artemis Anastasiou


Terry Papantinas, Stavros Gasparatos

Produced by

Pan Entertainment

Coproduced by


In Association with


With the Support of

Greek Film Centre


LAGFF 2013 - Best Documentary Award
Thessaloniki Documentary FF 2013
Dokufest 2013
LGFF 2013
NYGFF 2013
Northern FF 2013