Love is an Elephant

Feature Film, 35mm, Color, Stereo | 90’ | 2000


The film gets its title from a proverb mentioned in the beginning of the film: «They put three blind men in front of an elephant and ask them what is that thing. The first man grabs the elephant’s foot and says that it’s a tree, the second grabs its trunk and exclaims that it’s a snake and the third grabs its ear and says that it’s a big bird.» Of course it’s none of those things! The same is true of love. We’re like the three blind men in front of the elephant. We think we know about love but love is none of the things we believe it to be. «Love is an Elephant!» In the film we follow three love stories during which their protagonists are dead wrong in everything they have to say about love. The first story unfolds to the frantic beat of the clubs, the second is a working-class romance and the third an unpredictable elicit upper-class love affair. All three broach the subject but none of them reach any clear conclusion since all their predictions regarding their outcome are overturned.

Director / Script

Stratos Tzitzis


Kostas Varkados


Stelios Apostolopoulos


Giorgos Helidonidis


Lia Asvesta


Connie Manos


Kostas Poulantzas


Minos Matsas

Make Up

Petros Aivatzis, Kat Gouseti


Alekos Syssovitis, Dimitra Matsouka, Thodoris Atheridis, Anna Maria Papacharalambous, Babis Hadjidakis, Eva Vlachakou, Philippos Sofianos, Alexandra Palaiologou, Takis Papamattheou, Sakis Boulas, Dimitris Mavropoulos, Gogo Mastrocosta

Produced by

Bad Movies

Coproduced by


International Distributions

Peppermint (Germany)


ERT (Greece), Filmnet (Greece)

With the Support of

Greek Film Centre, Alpha TV


Thessaloniki IFF 2000