Fish‘n Chips

Feature Film, Digital, Color, Stereo | 105' | 2011


Andy, a hard working Cypriot immigrant in London who deep-fries his way into oblivion, decides to leave London for his native Cyprus. Having slaved away for others his entire life, he finally opens his very own chip shop. But his dream turns into a nightmare, as he seems to have overlooked one small detail: Cyprus just isn't London!

Director /script

Elias Demetriou

Executive producer

George Pantzis, Monica Nicolaidou, Constantinos Moriatis


George Pantzis, Monica Nicolaidou, Constantinos Moriatis, Elias Demetriou


Yorgos Giannelis


Ioanna Spiliopoulou & Elias Demetriou


Edouard Georgiou


Notis Panayiotou


Marco Lopez, Aris Louziotis, Alexandros Sidiropoulos, Costas Varympopiotis


Christina Georgiou

Make up

Alexandra Myta


Marios Ioannou , Marlene Kaminsky, Anne-Marie O' Sullivan, Diomedes Koufteros, Alkestis Pavlidou, Margarita Zachariou, Andreas Phylactou, Stefanie Neophytou

Produced by

Pan Entertainment, Filmblades, Ammos Films

Coproduced by

Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture (The Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee), Greek Film Center, ERT, NOVA


Montreal World Film Festival 2011
Athens IFF 2011
Montpellier IFF 2011
Toronto European Union Film Festival 2011 – 3rd Audience Award
Tallinn Black Nights IFF 2011
Vancouver European Union Film Festival 2011
Heidelberg Mediterranean Film Days 2012
Mons IFF 2012
Sofia IFF 2012- International Competition