Plato's Academy

Feature Film, 35mm, Color, Stereo | 103’ | 2009


Athens, Plato’s Academy district. A small, quiet junction with three tobacco stores and a dog. Stavros owns one of the stores. His wife has left him and refuses to come back; his mother has already had a stroke and he must take care of her 24/7. The favourite hobby of the three tobacconists is counting the Chinese, who are setting up their shop across the street. It is an everlasting hobby because the Chinese appear to multiply by the day. They only stop counting if an Albanian goes past them. Then, they bet on whether the dog will bark at the Albanian or not. This is their second favourite hobby. That is how they spend their life, idly and merrily, watching life go by, outside their stores. However, Stavros is constantly worried. He is inexplicably unhappy. At night, he suffers from insomnia, but he is not able to pinpoint what is wrong with him. Until one day, an Albanian, who goes past the three men (and gets barked at by the dog), recognises Stavros's mother as his own long-lost mother.


Filippos Tsitos


Alexis Kardaras & Filippos Tsitos

Executive Producer

Konstantinos Moriatis


Thanassis Karathanos


Polidefkis Kirlidis


Dimitris Peponis


Spyros Laskaris


Christina Chantzaridou


Vangelis Zelkas, Kostas Varibopiotis



Make Up

Giannis Pamoukis


Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Anastas Kozdine, Titika Saringouli, Giorgos Souxes, Konstantinos Koronaios, Panayiotis Stamatakis, Maria Zorba

Produced by

Pan Entertainment, Twenty Twenty Vision

Coproduced by

ARTE, ERT, Graal Digital Creations

With the Support of

Eurimages, Medienboard-Berlin Brandenburg, MEDIA


Locarno IFF 2009 – International Competition Selection – Leopard for Best Actor, Ecumenical Jury Prize, Youth Jury Prize
Montpellier IFF 2009
Tallinn Black Nights IFF 2009
Tirana IFF 2009 – Best Feature Award
Spirit of Fire IFF 2010 – Silver Taiga Award for 2nd Best Feature Film
San Sebastian Human Rights FF 2010
Napoli IFF 2010
Los Angeles Greek FF 2010 – Best Dramatic Feature Award
Lux Prize for the Best European Film of the European Parliament - Shortlisted
Sao Paulo IFF 2010
Brussels Mediterranean FF 2010
New York Greek FF 2010
Medfilm FF (Rome) 2010
Bursa International Silk Road FF 2010
Gijon IFF 2010
European Film Festival in Segovia 2010
Film Festival del Garda 2010 – Best Feature Film Award