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13 JANUARY 2023

‘'Zakros’’ will premiere in the International Days of Films on Art (JIFA) of Louvre Museum in Paris

We are happy to announce that Filippos Koutsaftis’s new documentary ‘’Zakros’’ will premiere in the International Days of Films on Art (JIFA) of Louvre Museum in Paris.


The International Days of Films on Art (Jifa) explore each year the unique link that unites cinema to the other arts. This 16th edition welcomes the artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster for an event rich in screenings, encounters and stagings.

The selection of recent films revolves around three focuses: "The path to work", "The things of art", "Regards". As every year, discussions with directors, specialists and artists enrich the screenings. Finally, three screenings pay tribute to recently deceased filmmakers and artists: Heddy Honigmann, Jean-Louis Comolli, Jean-Michel Meurice and Pierre Soulages. In total, fifty films and nearly forty guests are announced for this new edition.

The path to work

Each artistic process, whether choreographic (Robyn Orlin), musical (Stockhausen), cinematographic (Mathieu Amalric, Charles de Meaux) or pictorial (Albert Oehlen), is a long winding path between the fulfillment of a desire and the act of resistance.

Things of art

The still life, subject of the recent exhibition “Les Choses. A History of Still Life" at the Louvre, served as a pretext to transfigure objects "through the magic of rendering" and bring out, as Arcimboldo did, new forms by assembling them or, as with Cézanne, to free the touch and renew, through the treatment of shapes and colors, the representation of reality.


How do filmmakers look at the past, whether it is Antiquity by contemplating, as Filippos Koutsaftis does, a forgotten Minoan palace or young artists strolling among the works of the Louvre Museum?


The Jifa pay homage to Heddy Honigmann, a great figure in Dutch documentary cinema, to Jean-Louis Comolli, film director, critic and theoretician of cinema, to Jean-Michel Meurice, filmmaker and painter, and to the painter Pierre Soulages, who recently passed away.


You can read the announcement here.

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