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25 NOVEMBER 2022

Funding for the development of “The Year Of Aquarius” has been approved

We are very pleased to announce that the funding for the development of the film “The Year Of Aquarius” has been approved by the Greek Film Centre (GFC).

At the GFC, approvals and pre-approvals depend on its financial capacity and the number of proposals submitted, according to its Financial Regulation.

Based on this information, GFC announced the results of the evaluated proposals that submitted to the Development and Production Directorate, for the BASIC and FIRST FILM Programs and approved the funding of €2.001.000 for thirty-three film projects.

Specifically, during the First Period with closing date 31.07.2022, in the FIRST FILM - DEVELOPMENT Program, seven (7) projects eligible for evaluation were submitted, from which funding was approved for a total amount of 45.000 € for four films. According to the results, Aquarius is among the choices in this category.


The Year of Aquarius synopsis


The Year of the Aquarius is a fiction 2D animated film. The story talks about, Vaios a guard of the Parthenon, who gets abducted by 3 aliens, Halgar, Mimoza and their servant Tsutseki. The 3 aliens extracted a part of Vaios mRNA in order to take over the human race. After they discard him back to Earth, Vaios tries to warn humans that evil is approaching. But, the evil is already here: Halgar, under the name “Glarheus”, disguised as a human, runs for the election and becomes the country’s new prime minister. In short order, under the guise of a “virus” and a fictitious “pandemic”, Halgar, announces a new mandatory mRNA vaccination of all citizens. Vaios, goes live on TV to expose the whole truth about prime minister, the “pandemic”, and mRNA vaccines. So, Halgar sets everyone in motion to arrest Vaios and put him in jail. In the meantime, Mimoza is secretly in love with Vaios, and also gets very frustrated witnessing her brother’s cruel behavior. So, with the help of Tsutseki, she takes a human form as well and helps Vaios escape.


Team members


Director / Script: Suyako

Executive Producer: Konstantinos Moriatis

Producer: Alexis Tsoukalas

Sound Design: Mikes Glikas

Music: Mikes Glikas, Laertis Malkotsis, Giannis Niaros

Cast: Laertis Malkotsis, Ilias Moulas, Stratis Ntalagiorgos, Lena Mpozaki, Giorgos Julio Katsis

Produced by Pan Entertainment

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