The Eleusinian’s

In Production - Feature Documentary, Digital, Color, Stereo | 100' | 2023


Almost two decades after the film, entitled “Mourning Rock”, the monumental film for the City of Eleusis, Filippos Koutsaftis returns to meet the city’s reality. The Mourning Rock is a documentary film that managed to depict genuinely the deepest essence of the city with its long history throughout the centuries, its diverse character, its current reality. The director worked for 12 years in Eleusis in order to make this film and he got to know almost every person and every rock of this city. In view of the previous documentary film, the new venture of Filippos Koutsaftis will consist of a new film with the provisional title “Eleusinians” accompanied also by an art installation that includes the past, as it was reflected in the 80 hours of “Mourning Rock” film material, and the present as it was captured through current filming, sculpturing the reality shaped during the intervening years. The protagonists of that time are selected from the digitalized material, in order to become the links with the current state and the director through his new film-making, captures these faces and their stories over a twenty-year period.

Director /Script

Filippos Koutsaftis

Executive Producer

Konstantinos Moriatis


Filippos Koutsaftis


Ioanna Spiliopoulou


Konstantinos Bhta

Produced by

Pan Entertainment

Coproduced by

2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture

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